Swedish Explorer S.A. Andrée Releases Debut LP for Lex Records

Swedish Explorer S.A. Andrée Releases Debut LP for Lex Records
During the last three years, the artist known as S.A. Andrée has been recording a conceptual album centred on the story of a Swedish explorer also known as S.A. Andrée, who attempted a failed expedition of 1897 in which he attempted to travel from Sweden across the North Pole in a hot air balloon. The result is the new album There's a Fault.

According to a press release, the album "was recorded on vintage instruments and a selection of original analogue synthesizers, sourced for their fluctuations, inaccuracies and need for hands-on human control. Their use also highlight the elapsed time and technological advancements between Andrée's initial expedition and his belated discovery."

 The instrumentation wasn't the only aspect of the record to parallel explorer Andrée's life, however. Instead, artist Andrée wrote the entire eight-song LP from the explorer's perspective, "through his ascension, disappearance, discovery of his corpse and repatriation: existing for decades in ghostly limbo between failure and hero, life and death."

There's a Fault is available now from Lex Records. The album can be ordered on vinyl from this link. A mixtape of Andrée's influences can be downloaded here, with a second one on its way.

There's a Fault:

 1. "Nonpilot"

2. "From Svalbard"

3. "Örnen"

4. "Visitor, For Visitor"

5. "Profondeur 2M 10"
6. "Inventio Fortunata"

7. "Actigraphy/Guesswork"

8. "Pacifica"