​Sweden to Host "Man-free" Festival for Women in Wake of Sexual Assaults

The crowdfunded event has surpassed its fundraising goal
​Sweden to Host 'Man-free' Festival for Women in Wake of Sexual Assaults
Major Swedish music festivals have come under fire in the past couple years, with an alarming number of rapes and sexual assaults reported at events like Bråvalla in Norrkoping and Putte i Parken in Karlstad. The former has already been cancelled for 2018, but to further combat the sexual violence taking place at festivals, a new women-only event is set to take place next summer.
Swedish comedian and radio presenter Emma Knyckare has successfully raised funds via Kickstarter campaign to launch a new event dubbed Statement Festival.
As of press time, the crowdfunding page had collected 518,715 SEK ($79,861 CAD), surpassing its intended goal of 500,000 SEK.
According to the Kickstarter campaign's description, the festival aims to host 10,000 attendees — none of whom identify as cis men.
The funds raised will be used towards festival costs like rental spaces, artist fees, security and a staff of 22 people.
For more information about the Statement Festival, visit the official event website. Swedish-speaking readers can also watch an interview with Knyckare about the project down below.
Earlier this year, UK festival Glastonbury implemented a women-only venue called Sisterhood, arguing that "women only spaces are necessary in a world that is still run by and designed to benefit mainly men."