Swearing At Motorists Number Seven Uptown

Swearing At Motorists seem to be doomed to live in the shadow of Guided By Voices. Not only are they from Dayton, OH, but drummer Don Thrasher was once part of Bob Pollard's crew, and their lo-fi feel seeps with GBV's older home recordings. With their second full-length album, Number Seven Uptown, the band has accomplished a gem of a record. From the opening track, "Flying Pizza," the listener gets a sense that Dave Doughman set out to write a great "relationship on the rocks" record. While the songs range from two minutes to 30 seconds, Doughman has just enough time to spit out what's on his mind. The song titles are brilliant, it was recorded in some guy's basement, and they're from Dayton. This is truly a great effort by a band obviously not affected by their hometown heroes. (Secretly Canadian)