Swans Reveal Plans for New Live Record and Studio Album

Swans Reveal Plans for New Live Record and Studio Album
Photo: Steve Louie
Though Swans' dark and moody juggernaut The Seer was released less than a year ago, the band's Michael Gira has announced that they already have plans to follow up the oppressive and impressive set with both a concert collection and a new studio album.

The Swans ringleader revealed the troupe's upcoming plans last night (June 2) over Facebook, noting that sometime following a few upcoming trips, fans can expect the two records to hit their ears.

Though neither an official due date or an album title was given, a concert set featuring new tunes the band have been working out on the road will pop up first. Gira then explained that "the studio album will move forward from the live versions you've possibly witnessed (which have already changed nightly in the recent tour-s), and there will also be studio-only songs as well."

Presumably, both LPs will be delivered via Gira's Young God Records.

Fans may note that this is the same route the post-punk band went the last time around, with their hand-made We Rose from Your Bed with the Sun in Our Head set featuring in-concert versions of songs that later appeared on The Seer.

While tracklistings have yet to arrive for either of the unnamed records, it sounds like you can check out some of the new songs during the group's summer tour schedule, which brings them to Calgary June 19 as part of Sled Island. You can see the rest of the globe-trotting dates over here.