Swan Christy A Decent Album

When it comes to schizophrenic Greek bands, it is hard to think that anybody would be able to compete with Swan Christy. Naturally, that is aided by the fact that Greek bands don’t seem to cross the Atlantic on a regular basis, but things have changed a lot since the band’s early days as a symphonic metal band. They’ve altered their style on almost every release and A Decent Album, their fifth release, continues this trend. They’ve pretty much turned their backs on their guitars and every track is inhabited by bleeps and beats instead. There’s no denying the band are definitely not limited by their collective ambition, but this feels more like the sound of a band experimenting in the studio rather than a completed record. There are definitely moments where the musical planets begin to align, but there simply aren’t enough of them to make A Decent Album anything more than its name implies. (Black Lotus)