Swag Catch-All

This release has all the promise of "super-stardom," depending on your definition of where that might lead. Where it has gone is somewhere blissfully unexpected. The union of the Mavericks' Robert Reynolds, Wilco's Ken Coomer, Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson and Sixpence None the Richer's Jerry Dale McFadden with Doug Powell has resulted in dreamy power pop that draws from the best of the '60s: Hollies, Zombies, Beatles, and, well, Cheap Trick, updated with a current-day production savvy that might make Phil Spector blush. Sweet, but never saccharine, each track is fronted by revolving singers with different takes on what comprises "pop." Interestingly, each variation on the subject matter is remarkably similar, despite the rotating podium and various writing combinations. "I'll Get By" (with co-writer and stellar guitarist Bill Lloyd sitting in) and "Louise" stand out in a disc full of stand-outs, together with the Kinks-ish "Please Don't Tell" and the Pet Sounding "Different Girl." Catch-All's only soft spot is that it simply ends far too soon. Otherwise, this collection of feel good, sunshine-steeped short songs instantly make you feel like you've been humming them for years. Chances are you will be from here on in. (Yep Roc)