Sven Vath/Various In the Mix: The Sound on the Sixth Season

In the Sixth Season, Väth constructs a sonic and visual documentary revealing the "Wild Life” of the summer of 2005 at his own Frankfurt-based club Cocoon. Most of the tracks selected by Väth have been released in 2005, thus showcasing the recent hottest hits DJs and dancers alike have grooved to at Cocoon. For the most part, Väth plays out the entirety of each track thus standing behind the strength in production of his selections for this mix. The first disc begins on a hard and heavy note developing a horizon of punchy bass lines with Adonai Elohim’s banging, high energy, deep-tech "2000 and One” followed by Gary Martin providing a dizzying dervish whirl with "Turkish Tavern.” Shards of ambient synth pop melodies provides the mix with an occasional softer touch, yet only to be overcome by a Motor remix of T. Raumschmiere’s ripping number "Sick Like Me.” The first disc finishes off with the signature minimal groove of Extrawelt and Mathew Jonson. The second disc begins on a more melodic foot with Jay Haze’s blistery warm and soulful "I Can Love You,” and continuing on a minimal trajectory with Isolée and Alex Smoke’s "Don’t See the Point,” perfectly stripped down ethereal synth pop. The second mix has a more reflective feel than the first, yet both are undoubtedly geared for keeping the club moving and grooving. (Cocoon)