Sven Laux I Have Found A Place For Us To Stay

Sven LauxI Have Found A Place For Us To Stay
Six years into his career, Sven Laux has hit his stride. For the Berlin-based composer, it's been a steady climb. His discography boasts an acclaimed LP on NYC's Microcosm Music, but it's his 2011 release for Unfoundsound that marked a compelling evolution in his craft. Laux's meticulous rhythmic habits began providing a base for a warmer, more emotive output and he's been channelling that energy ever since. On Laux's latest record, we're treated to what feels like the summit of his recent efforts on Archipel and Dewtone, with his beat-focused past finding a harmonious co-existence with his newly found ambient voice. Five lucid concepts are cut in two, supported by layers of airy pads, fluttering keys and crackling textures. Laux takes the listener through a beat-less interpretation of his work and then explores it further with consoling loops, humble claps and trotting kicks. As with most of Laux's work, notably placed found sounds bless the audio with timeless natural resonance. It's Sven Laux's strongest work to date and an album to cozy up to in the looming winter months. (Sleep is Commercial)