Suzukiton Service Repair Handbook

Started as a side project during his down time, Alabama Thunderpussy drummer Bryan Cox is also the whirlwind behind the kit in Richmond, Virginia’s Suzukiton. Recorded as a demo in 2002, Service Repair Handbook is Keelhaul-meets-Fucking Champs-inspired, purely instrumental math rock. Within thirty seconds of opener "Arithmatits,” guitarist Jon Ramsey busts out a wicked King Crimson riff and sustains it for maximum effect. There’s hardly song breaks between "Meatal” and "Rogue Mechanica” — both bristling with chords as weighty as an absinthe hangover — and the latter sporting guitars that imitate the whirs and buzzes of tire guns during the interludes. The burly thrash metal of "VIII” and "New Blood” both switch into Dysrhythmia mode halfway through, and "R & T” features righteous Keelhaul-ish breakdowns. With its melodic progressions, "Shit Trigger” really gives the Fucking Champs a run for their money, while "Aquachimp” hearkens back to the prog-funk proffered by Ten Seconds nearly a decade ago. The aptly named "Chugga” doesn’t disappoint as Ramsey and guitarist Todd Naumann trade licks with bassist Bill Rose, though "Todd Song” is a more layered affair with the guitars piled up around Rose’s bass notes. "Melon” could be a doomier Slayer number circa Seasons in the Abyss, and the first-rate album closer "Slow Song” sounds like Spickle covering acoustic Metallica — to the point that one would expect James Hetfield to bust in with his cigarette-scarred pipes at any time. Service Repair Handbook is a needed respite from the filth-rock hustle of ATP and the like, and hopefully Cox will make time to further Suzukiton’s catalogue. (Crucial Blast)