Suzie Vinnick Happy Here

Suzie VinnickHappy Here
Toronto, ON-based Vinnick is something of a roots music Renaissance woman. An award-winning blues bassist, she is also a highly accomplished singer-songwriter. Her solo work jumps genre barriers with the ease of an Olympic Hurdles gold medallist, as shown on Happy Here. She’s equally at home in folk, blues, pop and country, and has come up with her best work yet. Big creative assists go to producer Stephen Fearing and a formidable cast of co-writers that includes Fearing, his Blackie comrade Tom Wilson, Josh Finlayson (Skydiggers) and Michael Johnson. The A-list of musicians includes Gary Craig, John Dymond, Kevin Breit (Norah Jones), Dennis Keldie and Kevin Fox (Sarah Slean). Horns and strings are frequently used to create a lush and full sound, though the latter occasionally seem excessive. Sometimes less can be more, as on album highlight "Prison Of Shame,” a powerful ballad featuring Breit’s simmering guitar, Fox’s rich cello and Vinnick on piano. An obvious reference point on cuts like "Looking For A Kiss” and "One More Day” (another highlight) would be Bonnie Raitt. Vinnick has often placed high in international songwriting competitions and her dedication to craft has paid off with the high calibre of compositions here. Check it out. You’ll be happy here. (Independent)