Suuns "Paralyzer" (video and VRIL remix)

Suuns 'Paralyzer' (video and VRIL remix)
Suuns have a new album called new Hold/Still on the way, and the chilling post-punk twisters have just dropped their second single from the set titled "Paralyzer." The song is currently scoring a creepy music video and being further promoted with a remix.

As with the recent clip for the new record's "Translate," this latest video was directed by Charles-André Codérre. It appears to present, among other things, a black light-lit makeout sessions in an obstacle-heavy laser tag compound, a few vintage 3D backdrops and the fingering of a synth. The video is also filled with a singer's out-of-focus, teeth-gritting face delivering intense lines like "I just want to touch you."

The VRIL-crafted remix bumps up the tempo a bit from the darkly clanked original, and layers on house synths and what might be the whoosh of broken steam valves.

You can check out the video and the remix down below, while Hold/Still hits stores April 15 through Secret City in Canada and Secretly Canadian in the U.S.