Suuns Images du Futur

SuunsImages du Futur
Suuns' debut album was an enjoyable, if somewhat forgettable, slab of pulsing modern rock; it was great while you were listening, but rarely would you think to throw it on at home. The Montreal group's follow-up, Images Du Futur, looks to remedy this, building upon the best parts of their debut. The record opens with the Fugazi-esque "Power of Ten" before settling into the more telling throb of "2020." The Radiohead and early Muse influences are still present, but the group are more concerned with groove than ever before — the keys, bass and drums working in lockstep, recalling Clinic's second album. But while the songs build and ratchet-up the tension with each beat there's never a sense of payoff. Say what you want about those nu-metal bands, but they certainly knew how to deliver the catharsis following those tense breakdowns. Ultimately, this is what brings down Suuns: the quest for release means listeners aren't paying attention to what's happening in the now. Maybe that's the point, but Images Du Futur feels like a great movie without an ending. (Secretly Canadian)