Suuns Gorge Amphitheatre, George WA, May 25

SuunsGorge Amphitheatre, George WA, May 25
Photo: Caily DiPuma
Suuns managed to fit most of their sophomore album, Images Du Futur, into their 45-minute set, gradually filling out the Yeti stage as their early set progressed. Guitarist/vocalist Ben Shemie didn't say much to the crowd, preferring instead to keep their droning flow going. The whole Montreal quartet had a calm, cool, and collected demeanour as they created their sick electronic rock sound, with heavy bass care of Max Henry's work on a couple of Korg synths, which percolated subs while Shemie and Joe Yarmush churned out the trance-inducing vocals and angular guitars that made their latest album Polaris-worthy.