Suuns Daytrotter Session

Suuns <i>Daytrotter Session</i>
Considering their recently released debut Zeroes QC and that record's free companion piece Zeroes, there's no shortage of Suuns material out there at the moment. That doesn't mean the Montreal-based band's Daytrotter Session is unwelcomed, though.

The live set amply displays the group's strengths, from the barebones dance groove of "PVC," which ultimately explodes into a catastrophic cluster fuck, to the spacey snap-beat electro minimalism of "Up Past the Nursery."

The real stunner of the session is "The Disappearance of the Skyscraper," the sole new song of the bunch. Unwinding guitar squalls and pulsating synths underscore the staccato drum smashes on the caustic Krautrock cut, which sounds something like Silver Apples jamming with Lightning Bolt moments before the apocalypse hits.

You can download the mini-collection at over here.