Susperia Front-Man Undergoes Triple Bypass Surgery

Susperia Front-Man Undergoes Triple Bypass Surgery
Norwegian black metallers Susperia have had quite the eventful few months. From finalizing their fifth studio album, Speaking Killing Words, to striking a deal with Candlelight Records, the 11-year-old quintet keep striving forward.

They have been dealt somewhat of a major blow presently though, as vocalist Athera (aka Pal Mathieson) suffered a heart attack last week. This has, in turn, led to him being diagnosed with a previously undetected genetic disorder that required major heart surgery: a triple bypass at that.

During the procedure exacted yesterday (March 16), three of Mathieson's narrowed arteries and three heart valves were replaced. In order to ensure fans were sated, he still issued a press release just prior to preparation for surgery:

Hey everyone out there in the metal universe - friends and strangers. Thanks for all your messages of support. I'm lying here in the hospital reading them all and it's really nice to see that so many of you have taken the time to send them. It's overwhelming. I've had a big shock and it's not something I would want anyone to experience. You know, I always wanted to hit the headlines - but not in this way!

Looks like the SUSPERIA curse has hit again. [A] new album and tour on the way and one of us complicates it all. But, damn it, we will never let anything stop us - ever! Even if death itself comes knocking, and believe me it did. I am undergoing open heart surgery this Monday to replace some broken valves and veins, and then this metal heart will beat once again. The Doc says I'll be back stronger than ever. I will have to spend a long time in the hospital, but it's not that bad. You should see the nurses taking care of me. Could be worse. Looking forward to getting back up and on the road again. Sorry for the shows that I'm not going to be able to do. I will make it up to you guys. You all make me stronger, I am truly grateful.