Supreme Beings of Leisure Supreme Beings of Leisure

A project close to label honcho Chris Blackwell's heart, Supreme Beings of Leisure is being groomed to take the world by storm with their polished blend of pop-hop. This L.A. based foursome formerly known as Oversoul 7 won't change the world with their smooth sounds, but they will appeal to fans of Portishead, Morcheeba, Sneaker Pimps and the like. Their debut is a pleasant enough American take on the trip-hop “genre,” but it certainly doesn't advance the music or take risks with the sound. Beats are predictable, scratches and effects well placed, Western spaghetti movie-styled guitar reign supreme, and  above all  production is supremely clean. Singer Geri Soriano does, however, lead the band through many a catchy moment, with vocal melodies that stick. She shines on songs such as "Truth From Fiction" and "Nothin' Like Tomorrow," both hooky little numbers featuring chilled beats and great strings. "Ain't Got Nothin'" has a bit more grit with its jazzy drum & bass beats and breaks, tight bass line, and rockin' strings and "What's the Deal" adds scratching and tenor sax to up the funk quotient in the formula. Songs such as "Golddigger" and "Strangelove Addiction" border on cheese, dragging the album down with dumb lyrics, painful melodies and overused sounds. It's a mixed bag, but the album closer "Under the Gun" saves the day with a funk-pop, Stereo MC's feel and one heck of a catchy chorus. (Palm Pictures)