Supersuckers The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World

Wrapped up in a deluxe electric candy coloured cartoon cover reminiscent of early ’70s Marvel Comics artwork, The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World consists of 27 of the Supersuckers greatest hits, rarities and unreleased tracks. The CD is broken up into two segments with the first half of the songs falling under the title of the Greats, and the second under the heading of the Gravy. The Greats portion includes stuff from all four of their Sub Pop albums with songs such as “Coattail Rider,” “On The Couch,” “Bad, Bad, Bad,” and “Dead In The Water” representing each era of the band. The Gravy portion of the disc is a lot more interesting to fans who have all the main full-lengths, being made-up of early “Black Supersuckers” songs like “Monkey,” virtually unknown soundtrack work such as “Psyched Out,” covers such as Willie Nelson’s “Bloody Mary Morning” and just plain unreleased tracks like “Beat To Shit.” It all adds up to a fairly complete retrospective of these leaders in trailer-trash rock that should please fans of every stage of the ‘Suckers career. (Sub Pop)