Superstatic Revolution / Submerge Superstatic Revolution / Submerge

There's something really cool about an 11-minute split CD. It's even cooler when the two bands are good, and both of these metalcore bands are quite good. France's Superstatic Revolution play a chaotic, screamy hardcore/metal that kind of slips between metalcore and hardcore, but doesn't let up for a second in its relentless and emotional fury. Some melodies thrown in the fray create a nice mix (seek out their EP while you're at it, it's good too). They win the song title contest with "Originally Recorded in 1997." Submerge also hail from France and also kick a bit of bum on here. Employing a heavier, more guttural and decidedly metal sound, Submerge tinker around with sludge, doom and crust elements, creating an almost epic feel, or as much as one can create epics in two songs on a short disc. Good stuff and the brevity only adds to the whirlwind effect. (Basement Apes)