Supernatural The Lost Freestyle Files

To say Supernatural has the gift of gab would be an understatement to say the least. If you’ve ever witnessed Supernatural’s lyrical dexterity and improvisational skills live no further explanation is needed. If you’re among the uninitiated however, Supernatural has been leaving crowds with mouths agape for years as he’s the most revered freestyle rhymer around. He can go toe-to-toe against any challenger, rhyme about any word screamed at him or object shown to him without missing a beat and do impressions of other MCs. If you’re remotely interested in any of this, then you’ll probably enjoy The Lost Freestyle Files, as all of Supernat’s off-the-dome arsenal is displayed. With all this talent though Supernat hasn’t been able to put together an album until now and much of this record is comprised of past highlights. Freestyles from his appearances on the internationally known shows hosted by Sway and Tech and Stretch and Bobbito are included and are welcomed from a historical point of view. The highlight however is clearly his controversial battle with Juice, which takes place over three invigorating rounds. While the sound quality on the battles leaves something to be desired the raw energy of a freestyle battle is definitely captured. Along with the archived material Supernatural also slaps on some unreleased material with the superlative mix show-bound "Work It Out” featuring members of Jurassic 5 and Dilated Peoples being the obvious standout. With more studio tracks like this and better sequencing of the freestyles and battles, this solid release from Supernatural could have actually reached the heights that match his talents. (Babygrande)