The Superfantastics Pop-Up Book

Some record covers leave absolutely no doubt about what lies within, and that’s very much the case with the Superfantastics’ Pop-Up Book. The cute little squirrel and pretty flowers suggest this might be the second coming of Cub, and the little pop-up picture of the duo inside the booklet is just plain adorable. So it’s safe to say that despite relying on just guitar and drums, this is not Atlantic Canada’s answer to the White Stripes. Pop-Up Book is a fun little record packed to the gills with catchy pop songs and funny lyrics; it’s nothing particularly innovative but is an enjoyable album in the tradition of the Halifax scene of days gone by. With hints of the Super Friendz (whose Charles Austin helps produce) and early Jale, Matt MacDonald and Steph d’Entremont rely on wit and charm to get their point across and for the most part, they pull it off. They do walk that line between cute and too cute, almost ending up on the wrong side, but they are good at what they do. Whether the world needs a geeky love song that namedrops Facebook, ICQ and C++ is another question entirely. (Independent)