The Superfantastics Choose Your Destination

Dripping with happiness and endearing energy, the Superfantastics’s Choose Your Destination is a honeyed throwback. It’s no wonder that the duo of Stephanie d’Entremont and Matthew MacDonald hail from Halifax, as their latest seven-inch harkens back to the sugary sweet sounds popularised by bands like Sloan and the Super Friendz. More specifically, "Turn on Me” possesses the careless innocence of early Thrush Hermit, while the meaty punk raucousness of "The Astronomer” has the Gas Station grit of something from the Inbreds’ Winning Hearts. There’s a faint hint of surf rock floating within Superfantastics’ songs generally but the romantic "Lullabye Punches” highlights this fascination with its distinctive instrumentation. Similarly, the jaunty heart-on-its-sleeve "Rites of Spring” features inventive, quirky guitar/drum percussive dynamics, while "Van Gogh” has a faux funk/hip-hop effect that recalls the lo-fi style of the Folk Implosion, with the cadence and clever wit of a song by Chris Murphy. Again, the references are obvious enough but Choose Your Destination is another example of a fine renaissance in Halifax pop led by intrepid bands like the Superfantastics. (Independent)