Superchunk to Reissue, Remaster No Pocky for Kitty and On the Mouth

Superchunk to Reissue, Remaster <i>No Pocky for Kitty</i> and <i>On the Mouth</i>
Given that Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance run their own label, Merge Records, it was only a matter of time before they decided to reissue the albums by their band, Superchunk. Now, the inevitable has happened: on August 17, Merge will rerelease 1991's No Pocky for Kitty and 1993's On the Mouth on LP, CD and digital download.

When the Superchunk albums first came out, McCaughan and Ballance were still getting Merge off the ground, so they opted to release them through Matador. Now that they're handling the releases, they're giving both albums the deluxe treatment: the records will come out on 180-gram vinyl and the CDs will come in LP-style cardboard sleeves.

To make the deal even sweeter, the newly remastered versions of both albums are currently streaming in full on Merge's website. You can also pick of a free download of the track "Skip Steps 1 and 3" here.

Apart from the remastering and new packaging, the albums will be released in their original form, with no bonus tracks. The tracklists are below.

No Pocky for Kitty:

1. "Skip Steps 1 & 3"

2. "Seed Toss"

3. "Cast Iron"

4. "Tower"

5. "Punch Me Harder"

6. "Sprung a Leak"

7. "30 Xtra"

8. "Tie a Rope to the Back of the Bus"

9. "Press"

10. "Sidewalk"

11. "Creek"

12. "Throwing Things"

On the Mouth:

1. "Precision Auto"

2. "From the Curve"

3. "For Tension"

4. "Mower"

5. "Package Thief"

6. "Swallow That"

7. "I Guess I Remembered It Wrong"

8. "New Low"

9. "Untied"

10. "The Question is How Fast"

11. "Trash Heap"

12. "Flawless"

13. "The Only Piece That You Get"