Superchunk Return With New EP

Superchunk Return With New EP
The '00s haven't exactly been a great time to be a Chunker. Since the 2001 release of the somewhat underrated Here's to Shutting Up, Superchunk have, well, shut up, with the output of these once-prolific indie rock heroes grinding to a halt in recent years. Well, while Mac McCaughan and company don't have a new full-length for us yet, the group have announced they have an EP, which will mark their first proper release of new tunes in, like, forever.

Titled Leaves in the Gutter, the five-track release will come out on April 7 courtesy of the band's now mega-successful label, Merge Records. On the EP are three new tracks, a demo and the previously vinyl-only cut "Misfits & Mistakes," which Superchunk did back in 2007 for the soundtrack to Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters.

And while there's no word if the band plan to follow this up with a studio album, they did recently release the fourth volume of their Clambakes series and plan to play Coachella in April. Also, these Merge founders will be busy this July when they hold their label's 20th anniversary festival in the band's home state of North Carolina. So, yeah, there are things going on over in the Superchunk camp, just not a full-length record.

Here's the tracklist to Leaves in the Gutter:
,br> 1. "Learned to Surf"
2. "Misfits & Mistakes"
3. "Screw It Up"
4. "Knock Knock Knock"
5. "Learned to Surf" (acoustic demo)