Super Furry Animals Songbook Volume One

Though it came a decade before their existence, the music video was really designed for Super Furry Animals. Besides being one of the best singles bands ever (and album bands too), they're also one of the best at conjuring up fantastic ideas for the promo video. Songbook collects all of their singles to date (like the CD) for one of the best video collections available. Included is the journey of a curling rock from its birth to the Nagano Olympics in "Northern Lites," the band becoming soccer stars in a FIFA video game for "Play It Cool" and Pete Fowler's beautiful monsters aboard another planet in "Fire In My Heart." Also included is the hilarious American Sasquach, a documentary on their 2002 U.S. tour that finds the band messing about on Conan O'Brien's set, shooting machine guns and of course, taking the piss out of naïve Americans. This is timeless fun. (Beggars Banquet)