SuperoNot Phlegmatic Sun

Curious little fella here, from the intriguing cover art to the odd label name and, most importantly, their bio compares them to later-day Metallica. Later-day Metallica! Luckily, it doesn't sound like later-day Metallica all that much, instead paying a lot of homage to one of the other most annoying bands of the year, Monster Magnet. However, I find myself groovin' to this stoner rock stuff more and more as time rolls on, and Super•Not do it better than a lot of bands I've heard. Catchy and rockin' as all hell, this would sound best in a Mustang car stereo on a Friday night. Bad move on Yperano's part, releasing this the same time as the new COC, which rocks mightier than all. Despite the horrid Doors cover that ends off this album, fans of the genre should pick this one up. It's not groundbreaking, but if you're looking for an easy listen that'll keep spirits up, this will do just fine. (Yperano)