Super-Sized Scrolls VIDEO GAMES

You may have noticed most of your gamer friends have been M.I.A since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion came out. The epic RPG’s multitudinous missions are believed to take over 200 hours to fully complete, but the game feels almost infinite as you roam a ridiculously vast pixel-scape measuring 41 square kilometres in size, not counting loot-filled dungeons and demonic planes. Well, now you can take the "almost” out. The game’s website ( a free download of TES: Construction Set, a toolkit for the PC version of Oblivion that gives players the same basic software Bethesda’s designers used. This allows anyone to expand the immense game world Tamriel even further by creating new houses, villages, landscapes, characters and quests. Plus, you can share your efforts online with fellow mod junkies. Don’t expect those missing pals to emerge anytime soon.