Sunset Rubdown Prepare To Slay Us With New LP

Sunset Rubdown Prepare To <i>Slay</i> Us With New LP
Okay, that last Wolf Parade record wasn't the bomb, and the same goes for Swan Lake's newly released Enemy Mine LP. But it was hard to be anything but pumped about the last Sunset Rubdown album, Random Spirit Lover, making news that Spencer Krug has now wrapped its follow-up exciting enough to give us a chill or two.

This week, we got the head-ups that the third full-length by the Krug-run project will be called Dragonslayer, which may or may not be in reference to this lovely bit of fantasy cheese, and it's set for a June 23 release via Jagjaguwar. We also know the above pic will be the album art and the record is described as a more of a "full-band" effort. Since emerging as Krug's solo lo-fi bedroom project, Sunset Rubdown now features Jordan Robson-Cramer on drums, guitar and keys; Michael Doerksen on guitar, bass and "cosmic radio"; Camilla Wynne Ingr on keys, percussion and vocals; and new bassist and sometimes-drummer Mark Nicol.

Before Dragonslayer's release, Sunset Rubdown also have a new seven-inch picture disc coming out on Aagoo Records, likely in the first week of April. That release will feature two new tracks "Coming to the Dawn" and "Insane Love is Awakening," both of which were written, recorded, etc. by Krug in the comforts of his home.

As for the tracks on Dragonslayer, here they are:

1. "Silver Moons"
2. "Idiot Heart"
3. "Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!"
4. "Black Swan"
5. "Paper Lace"
6. "You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)"
7. "Nightingale / December Song"
8. "Dragon's Lair"