Sunset Industry Sunset Industry

A one-time member of indie rock giants Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Moncton, NB guitarist Dano LeBlanc may be best known in some parts of Canada as the creator of the Chiac television series Acadieman. Originally conceived as a solo project, Sunset Industry's debut LP features a collection of highly stylized instrumentals written and performed by LeBlanc, keyboardist Léandre Bourgeois and four studio musicians who contribute a multitude of strings, including cello, fiddle and pedal steel. Despite Bourgeois' layering of vintage analogue synthesizers, songs like album opener "l'oiseau s'envole" and "Sunset" utilize post-rock's pacing, posturing and timbre. Tracks like the '70s funk and shout of "Rhapsodie délinquante" clash heads with the moody ambience of "Crépuscule" and the East coast violin stomp of "Midi et demi," showing Sunset Industry stretching themselves way too thin, obsessing over half-baked ideas while completely forgoing quality control. (la Menuiserie)