Sunriser All My Big Plans End In Miserable Failure

Loaded with soulful vocals and an alluring mix of keys-based guitar rock, this EP is a warm introduction to Toronto’s Sunriser. At times reminiscent of the occasionally curbed enthusiasm of Broken Social Scene, the band’s catchy pop sensibilities are guided by the simmering passion of guitarist and lead vocalist Darryl Webster. The unassuming launch of the lead song, "The Joke You’ve Become” gives way to an infectious, dreamy groove before Webster checks in with his laid-back phrasing on the piece’s moody verses and hooky choruses. Like much of Broken Social Scene’s best work, the power of "The Joke You’ve Become” stems from its hypnotic effect on the listener, which may explain why it was featured on the 2004 season premiere of Queer as Folk. A similar sensation is achieved on songs such as the title track and "When You Were Me,” while the band indulges its penchant for ’60s psychedelia on "St. Augustine’s Parade” and the Britannia nod, "Manic Street.” The only misstep here is the wah-wah drenched, Big Sugar-meets-Red Hot Chili Peppers workout "Cincinnati,” however it is a forgivable infraction on an otherwise remarkable EP. (Three Apples High)