Sunny Day Real Estate "In Circles" (4-track demo)

Sunny Day Real Estate 'In Circles' (4-track demo)
After recently being treated to "Lipton Witch," Sunny Day Real Estate's first new song in over a decade, the Pacific Northwest emo vets have unveiled an ages-old demo of one their most classic tracks, "In Circles." Just as the 20th anniversary of the group's 1994 debut LP Diary has hit, frontman Jeremy Enigk has uploaded a previously unheard 4-track demo of the number.

If you expected it to play just as crunched-out and emotionally crushing as what you've come to know and love over the last two decades, you're in for a bit of a surprise. Well, maybe more so on the former than the latter. The lo-fi presentation is nevertheless shimmering with its unplugged six-string strums, which also serves to showcase Enigk's enigmatic blend of timid verses and falsetto-flying chorus.

You can check the softer demo cut down below.