Sunn O))) and Nurse With Wound's 'The Iron Soul of Nothing' Gets Reissued

Sunn O))) and Nurse With Wound's 'The Iron Soul of Nothing' Gets Reissued
Earlier this year, Sunn O))) member Stephen O'Malley launched his new Ideologic Organ imprint, an acoustic-minded Editions Mego subsidiary label whose roster thus far (Phurpa, Jessika Kenney) is just as eclectic and experimental as its parent company. O'Malley's next release, a reissue of a collaboration between his drone-intensive outfit and long-running British avant-garde artist Nurse With Wound (aka Steven Stapleton), keeps things just as mind-expanding.

The label has announced that it will be unveiling a double LP from the artists titled The Iron Soul of Nothing on November 29. The album was previously available as a bonus disc on the 2008 Japanese re-release of Sunn O)))'s 00 Void. With that particular record getting another touch-up courtesy of fellow Sunn O))) member Greg Anderson's Southern Lord label on November 22, it seems O'Malley wanted to shed some light on its sister set too.

The tête-à-tête contains four lengthy pieces spread across two slabs of wax. Interestingly, while the bonus disc featured a Sunn O))) and Nurse with Wound reworking of 00 Void cut "Ra at Dawn" that clocked in at over 25 minutes, the vinyl splits the track up into two separate affairs, on sides B and D, respectively. You can check out the one-track version below.

The Iron Soul of Nothing:

1. "Dysnystaxis" (19:00)
2. "Ra at Dawn Part One" (14:59)
3. "Ash On The Tress" (17:07)
4. "Ra at Dawn Part Two" (14:16)