Sunn O))) 00 Void

Goatsnake's Greg Anderson, Stephen O'Malley and Stuart Dahlquist convert the guitar to create their own temple that houses uniquely constructed turbines to create sounds in the form of hypnotically slow-flowing electricity that heals. Taking the long ago depleted schematics of drone that Anderson and co. created with Earth, they further explore the low-end portion of the audio spectrum to bulldoze any useless mental obstacles such as stress, boredom and anxiety that might hinder your overall enjoyment of life as you should know it. In place, a temple is erected, and this is the worship music that drenches its insides. A warning, however, the dark, tonal nature that rumbles from this disc (or should we say amulet) may frighten some, but the results are guaranteed to generate a highly positive and stimulating effect. And last but not least, I must say that the quality control on the album was handled quite well, given that former Kyuss and current Unida bassist Scott Reeder acted as the engineer on the project. Sleep in on Sunday by playing this one very late on Saturday night. (Hydra Head)