Sun City Girls Napoleon & Josephine (Singles Volume 2)

Harvested from tracks recorded during the Torch of the Mystics and Dante's Disneyland Inferno sessions, Napoleon and Josephine can almost be considered a complete album in itself. Leaning more in the direction of DDI's absurdist radio play feeling than Torch's ethno desert punk, this collection is strikingly cohesive. The outlandish humour and conspiracy theory subject matter that frequently crops up in the Sun City Girls universe are a common thread weaving through every track. "Prick of the World" and "Sleazy Nashville" lie at the more coherent end of the spectrum, while lengthier tracks such as "Napoleon & Josephine" and "Reflection of a Young Boy..." venture deeply into oddball territory. This probably isn't the best release to begin a love affair with Sun City Girls but those already in the throes of passion with these boys will surely enjoy it. (Abduction)