Sun City Girls Jack's Creeks

Most of the plethora of material released by Sun City Girls, the long-time house band for the ’90s outsider weirdo set, is either long out-of-print or otherwise unavailable. Even the reissues, such as the double-LP sets put out by Eclipse earlier in the decade, are now prime fodder for eBay elites. With the disheartening loss of drummer Charlie Gocher to cancer, the remainder of the group — brothers Alan (Alvarius B) and (Sir) Richard Bishop — have decided to take SCG no further. Instead, they’ve decided to reissue, on CD for the first time, some of their most obscure releases from the mid-’90s. Jack’s Creek is quite possibly the most difficult of the recent reissues, but it is by far the most fun. The band, disguised as a moonshine-soaked trio of back porch-dwelling hillbillies, stomp, stagger and sway their way through a variety of demented American song forms and bushels of spoken word hilarity. The casual Sun City Girls fan is sure to be put off by the sheer audacity of the whole endeavour; Torch of the Mystics this isn’t! (Abduction)