Summon ...And the Blood Runs Black

It's another one of the big head-shakers in metal that a band like Summon can exist for over 11 years (!) and still be relatively unheard of while other, more stale and generic death metal bands reign supreme in the popularity department. No worries though, Summon just wanna rip your head off (figuratively, of course) with their brutal death/black metal. Sporting a big ol' pentagram on the cover, this 45-minute release, which just happens to be produced by James Murphy, is sure to please any death metal fiend looking for blast beats, double bass pummelling, and guttural riffage galore. The face-painted types will drool (watch the paint!) over the elf-like vox and general misanthropic atmosphere found within. So, everyone's happy, and Summon are pretty much in the upper echelon of today's death/black scene, although totally devoid of much personality or originality. (Moribund)