Summer Camp

Bad Love

Summer CampBad Love
When it comes to pop music, less is often more. The best pop tracks are simple and powerful; be it a groovy drumbeat or a catchy melody, it usually takes just one small feature to really make a great pop tune. This could be a lesson for English duo Summer Camp, as their new album, Bad Love, has just too many things going on.
The opening title track has layers of electronic sounds that end up sounding muddy, and it seems like they wrote too many lyrics for the melody, with vocalist Elizabeth Sankey fighting to get all the words in. The rest of the album also suffers from Summer Camp having just too many ideas and not wanting to part with any of them. The sheer density of the record gets in the way of some very promising moments.
"Run Away" sheds enough of the sound to show a really tender and pretty moment. However, this is the exception to the rule on this record, and after this one track, it goes back to the muddled sonic space immediately after, making the record just too dense to lose yourself in. (Moshi Moshi)
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