​Sum 41 Acoustic at HMV Underground on No Future

​Sum 41Acoustic at HMV Underground on No Future
Sum 41 are just about to wrap up their "Don't Call It a Sum-Back Tour," but that doesn't mean their 13 Voices have quieted down just yet. On October 18, the same day as their first hometown (sort of — Toronto's as close to Ajax as they're likely to play nowadays) show since vocalist/guitarist Deryck Whibley's hospitalization, the band stopped by the HMV Underground to play a couple of stripped-down tracks.
Though even the most casual of fans have likely heard singles "Fake My Own Death" and "War" at this point, they haven't heard them like this. The former gets a significant makeover, trading its metal-leaning riffs for tender chords and scratchy shout-singing for soft vocal harmonies. The changes to the latter are subtler, though swapping a proper drum kit for a cajón certainly gives the track a different feel.
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