Suicide Pilots The War On Satire

While many bands strive to sound like their heroes, it happens inherently with Ottawa's Suicide Pilots. In other words, their contemporaries struggle to let elements of Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Propagandhi and Circle Jerks shine, yet this quartet can't hide such influences to save their lives. From Greg Ginn's wonky guitar to Jello Biafra's yowl, they've got it all. Yet with The War On Satire, Suicide Pilots escape the trapping of seeming like another ill conceived "original" band without a unique thought between them. In fact, the majority of this effort is curiously fresh and invigorating despite the obvious connotations to politi-punk's notables. For some reason, the band's essence permeates not only the music but also their mentality, giving a sincerity and realism to their approach. (Independent)