Suicide Commando "Comatose Delusion"

Front Line Assembly created the blueprint for this kind of music over a decade ago and refined it to the point of redundancy over their prolific career, spawning countless imitators. From the sound of this single, Suicide Commando is another faceless FLA clone with little new or original to offer. All the standard elements of industrial dance music, or darkwave, or ebm... whatever you want to call it, are called into play on the title track, a rigid 4/4 beat, staccato electronic bass line, simplistic, "moody" string melody and ridiculously distorted vocals barking out inane lyrics such as "Resist! Resist the leader! Refuse! Refuse to die!" The remixes are nominally better, but still predictable and the B-side, "Kevorkian," just adds more distortion to the mix. About as current and as dangerous as A Flock of Seagulls. Yawn. (Dependent)