Suge Knight's $1 Million Lawsuit Against Kanye West Thrown Out

Suge Knight's $1 Million Lawsuit Against Kanye West Thrown Out
This week has been a good one for Kanye West resolving past beefs. First, the beloved MC addressed his controversial comments about George Bush, saying, "I really more connect with him on just a humanitarian level." Now, another past conflict has been put to rest, as the $1 million lawsuit he was facing from rap entrepreneur Marion "Suge" Knight has been thrown out.

Knight filed a lawsuit against Kanye in 2008 for an incident that occurred back in 2005, when the Death Row Records founder was shot in the leg at a party hosted by West. Knight also lost a $135,000 earring at the party, and blamed Ye for lax security.

The case was set for trial next month, but the Associated Press reports that yesterday (November 4) a judge ruled that the shooting was unforeseeable. The lawsuit was always a little suspicious, as it coincided with Knight filing for bankruptcy.

Still, that isn't stopping Knight from appealing the decision. Another report by the Associated Press says that the rap mogul is going to keep fighting to have this lawsuit taken to court.

With this lawsuit temporarily on the back burner, Kanye can now get back to more important matters, like focusing all of his attentions on the hotly anticipated My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.