Suge Knight Arrested for Murder After Hit and Run

Suge Knight Arrested for Murder After Hit and Run
The legal woes continue for rap impresario Suge Knight, who allegedly killed someone today (January 29) in a hit and run.

TMZ reports that Suge was at a film set in Los Angeles, CA's Compton neighbourhood, where a film shoot involving Ice Cube and Dr. Dre was going down. Apparently Knight got in a fight with two men, and when the Death Row Records founder attempted to leave the scene, he put his car in reverse and hit a man with the vehicle.

The victim was reportedly Terry Carter, a friend of his who came with him to the shoot. Carter was apparently walking behind the vehicle to get to the passenger door when Knight backed up.

UPDATE: Suge Knight has turned himself into police, and he has formally been arrested on murder charges. His bail has been set at $2 million. Reports now indicate that there were two separate fights — one at the film set, one at a nearby restaurant — and Suge struck a total of three men with his car. One died, while the other two went to hospital. 

UPDATE 2: A new report from TMZ suggests that Suge was in Compton in an attempt to forge peace between himself and Dr. Dre, but the former ended up getting in an altercation with the latter's security. The victim, Carter, then brought Suge to the next location to hopefully resolve things, but that's where things took a tragic turn.

It's unknown to what extent Suge may be legally on the hook for the incident. He allegedly didn't start the fight that precipitated the accident, and he may well have been worried for his health after having been shot six times back in August. More recently than that, he almost died due to a blood clot.

In other words, TMZ points out he could have been fleeing for his life, so it's possible that police won't charge him with manslaughter. Surge's lawyer is reportedly arranging for his client to turn himself over to the police.

If Knight is booked, he already has a long rap sheet and has had stints in jail.