Suge Knight Examined in New Showtime Documentary

Suge Knight Examined in New Showtime Documentary
Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight has long been the centre of controversy, whether he's suing Kanye West, getting arrested for attempted assault, or being accused of an alleged involvement in the Notorious B.I.G.'s murder. Now, the rap mogul's life in being put under the microscope in a new Showtime documentary.

The film is tentatively called Suge Knight, and it will be directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Brooklyn's Finest). According to a press release, it will "delve deep into the life and storied exploits of the Death Row Records co-founder as well as the volatile and highly influential era in music that he presided over."

We're guessing that the movie won't make too many shocking revelations, however, since Knight himself is participating in the flick. Viewers will "be guided through this world by the man himself. He will personally reveal exactly how it all happened, why it all fell apart, and what the next chapter holds for one of America's most iconic and mythologized figures."

In a statement, producer Bradley J. Fischer said: "Suge Knight's reputation and rise to power in the music business has become the stuff of legend, and he remains one of the entertainment industry's most provocative and enduring myths. But while his name elicits an immediate and powerful reaction from people around the world, very few can legitimately claim to know the man."

The film may help Knight to make his return into the music business. He and his new company Black Kapital will helm the soundtrack, which will reportedly feature a star-studded cast of contributors.

There's no word as to exactly when this film will air, but it will reportedly be the first in a series of documentaries on Showtime about controversial figures.