Sugar Candy Mountain


Sugar Candy Mountain666
Sugar Candy Mountain's 666 is a warm but forgettable collection of tracks, defined by a fuzziness that recalls those long, latter days of summer.
Lyrically, the album treads familiar psychedelic themes, "all that you touch you change, all that you change it changes you too." Both Ash Reiter and Will Halsey's vocals are pleasant and dreamy, but reminiscent of other pleasant and dreamy vocalists: Reiter evokes Beach House, while Halsey's tenor is closer to Animal Collective. The album's highlight is "Summer of Our Discontent," a solid closer to the album that has a basic riff that sounds somewhat like Deerhunter's "Basement Scene" as the band note that "Every dollar earned was already spent."
Throughout the album, the percussion is interesting and creative, and Sugar Candy Mountain show they have instrumental talent. It's enough to leave the listener certain that they've been through something they enjoy, even if they band aren't pushing any boundaries. (PIAPTK)
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