Sufjan's "Creative Crisis," Where the Wild Things Are and DD/MM/YYYY's Jail Time Grace This Week's News Round-Up

Sufjan's 'Creative Crisis,' <i>Where the Wild Things Are</i> and DD/MM/YYYY's Jail Time Grace This Week's News Round-Up
Despite summer quickly becoming nothing but a memory, the same can't be said of Exclaim!'s News Round-Up, which is still alive and well with this week's top stories. Here's what we have on deck this time out.

First up, Exlcaim!'s own Vish Khanna had a nice, long sit-down with much-loved indie poster boy Sufjan Stevens. In the interview, Stevens shed some more light on where he's at creatively, revealing that he's going through a bit of a "crisis" and that he definitely feels like "What's the point of making music anymore?" Yeah, seems like dude is not in the best of places right now.

In more optimistic news, director Spike Jonze finally has given us his long-awaited Where the Wild Things Are. Along with our Wild Things review, we also have the filmmaker letting us know that Arcade Fire and their album Funeral were a huge influence on the film.

Also this week, we had Toronto noise rockers DD/MM/YYYY getting into some serious trouble with the law after - believe it or not - a pillow fight, metal getting its very own cookbook, hopes of new Pavement material being quashed and one-time Top 40 alt-rockers Creed being reduced to selling their concert tickets for $0. O how the mighty have fallen!

And to end things on a total downer, this week we found out punk pioneer Brendan Mullen passed away, as did Blue Cheer's Dickie Peterson.