Sufjan Stevens's Run Rabbit Run Receives Ballet Treatment

Sufjan Stevens's <i>Run Rabbit Run</i> Receives Ballet Treatment
Photo: Carrie Musgrave
So far this year, we've caught wind that pop icons Paul McCartney and Pet Shop Boys would be working on their own ballets. Now, we've learned that another beloved artist will be getting a dance makeover: Sufjan Stevens.

The baroque folk whiz, whose new album, The Age of Adz, came out today (October 12), has inspired a new ballet based on his album Run Rabbit Run. If you recall, Run Rabbit Run is an orchestral reinterpretation of his 2001 electronic-focused LP, Enjoy Your Rabbit, performed by the string section Osso.

Pitchfork reports that choreographer Justin Peck spearheaded the piece, which will debut in NYC. And while Sufjan didn't have anything to do with its creation, he and his label Asthmatic Kitty did grant Peck full rights to the music. br>br> Peck said, "The choreography I have been developing is wholly inspired by Sufjan's music, which acts as sort of a blueprint to build the movement off of."

The ballet is part of the 10th anniversary performance of the New York City Choreographic Institute, and runs November 5 and 6 at the Miller Theatre at Columbia University.