Sufjan Stevens Scores Film About a Rodeo

Sufjan Stevens Scores Film About a Rodeo
It's been a relatively slow year for Sufjan Stevens, but the exploratory songwriter has now announced a new project for 2015: he's helped to score a film about a rodeos called Round-Up.

The flick was shot in slow-motion by siblings Aaron and Alex Craig at Oregon's Pendleton Round-Up in 2013. For the accompanying score, Stevens performed electronics while New York outfit Yarn/Wire contributed piano and percussion. According to an announcement, the result is "a musical and cinematic portrait of a classic American tradition."

This project was commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), which previously commissioned his 2007 piece The BQE (which was released as an album in 2009) and hosted his more recent piece Planetarium.

This is part of BAM's upcoming winter-spring season. It will run from January 20 to 25 at the BAM Harvey Theater in New York. The film is an hour and 15 minutes long. Ticket information can be found here.

There's currently no word as to whether the score or film will get a wider release.