Sufjan Stevens 'Chopped and Scrooged' (Christmas mixtape)

Sufjan Stevens'Chopped and Scrooged' (Christmas mixtape)
As if his latest five-disc box set of Christmas cuts Silver and Gold wasn't enough, indie popsmith Sufjan Stevens has now offered up a freebie mixtape of rap-minded reinterpretations titled Chopped and Scrooged.

The set redoes Silver and Gold tracks like "The Child with the Star on His Head" and "Dream Catcher," but adds boom bap beats, chopped vocal snippets and verses from the likes of now-extinct rap outfit Das Racist, Busdriver, Kitty Pryde, the Pro Letarians, and more. Production is offered up by Son Lux, Asthmatic Kitty signees Fol Chen, and more.

You can stream or download the set down below.