Sufjan Stevens "Chicago" (demo)

Sufjan Stevens 'Chicago' (demo)
It's time to fall in love again, as Sufjan Stevens is just about ready to release the deluxe repress of his 2005 breakthrough, Illinois. But ahead of the official April 1 street date through Asthmatic Kitty, he's teasing the set by streaming a demo of its "Chicago." The alternate take on the Windy City indie anthem can be heard via a vinyl-spinning video.

The track plays slightly less symphonic than the album you've grown accustomed to and first finds Stevens singing alongside the rough strum of an acoustic guitar. The demo isn't exactly barebones, though, as some keyboard and a swell of enthusiastic backup vocals are brought into the mix as well.

Interestingly, the demo is available as part of the deluxe "Blue Marvel" edition of the reissue and on its own, owing to a misprint. While the star-shaped vinyl copies you'll find with the LP are pressed at 45 rpm, a batch mistakenly pressed on 33 rpm are available over here.