Sue Smith I'm So

After a lengthy absence from making music, Guelph, ON’s Sue Smith has returned with a stunning collection of heartfelt folk pop songs. Smith’s voice is a deceptive instrument, rich and bold yet never showy or overwrought. Assembling a collection of great musicians like Scott Merritt, Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies), Richard Bell (the Band) among others, Smith explores her varied musical palette with gusto. The jazzy "Sounds like Thunder” gives way to the sassy rock of "Walkin’ Away.” The spooky, brooding "Can’t Swim” is countered by the joyous title track and groovy rocker "What I Want.” The pleasure of playing "I Need a Band and a Tango Partner” is palpable and Smith’s sincerity propels every performance. An unpretentiously mature, adult-oriented record, I’m So demonstrates just how much fun Sue Smith is having making music again and the vibe is infectious. (Independent)