Suckers "It Gets Your Body Movin'"/"Easy Chairs"

Suckers 'It Gets Your Body Movin''/'Easy Chairs'
L.A.'s IAMSOUND label is on a bit of a roll as of late, what with artists such as Little Boots (Fader cover), Florence and the Machine (BRIT award) and Telepathe (one of the year's best albums, Dance Mother) all causing a stir in their own right. Hot on those heels are Suckers, a batty group of dudes from NYC-via-Connecticut who hang out with bands like Yeasayer, TV On the Radio, MGMT, Chairlift, Dragons of Zynth, Awesome Color and oh, y'know, the usual BK crew.

Formed by cousins Quinn Walker and Austin Fisher (and later on Pan), the band emerged with the concept of three one-man bands jamming together before they added Brian on drums. It sounds kinda nutty, and it is. The four brains each bring their individuality into the fold, clashing and meshing to develop a sound that is vast, sublime, complex and bizarre. According to their label, gigs include "group singing, primal beats, future sounds, Serbian interpretive dancers, trumpet blasts, religious truths and sheer enjoyment."

Their debut EP (out April 14) was recorded by Anand Wilder of Yeasayer and Chris Moore (TVOTR, Foals, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) both of whom pepper the music with their strokes of vibrancy. "It Gets Your Body Movin'" and "Easy Chairs" both twinkle in a lush semblance but personality-wise they couldn't be any different. The former is their epic defining statement that suggests an unavoidable Arcade Fire influence, especially vocally. The cracking vulnerability in the multi-personed harmonies elevates the epic song structure as it intensifies into a Funeral-like coda, though one set in a tropical jungle. And the latter is the freakish pop number of the two, using group chants that recall the Polyphonic Spree and oddball hooks of the Talking Heads, along with an arrangement that suggests later-era Elephant Six was on rotation in the studio.

I can't wait to hear what a full-length by these guys will sound like.

Suckers "It Gets Your Body Movin'"

Suckers "Easy Chairs"